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Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Video Gaming

A sweeping plan that would allow video gambling machines in bars and other establishments throughout Illinois remains on track this morning after the Illinois Supreme Court ruled the Video Gaming Act is valid.

VGT has reviewed the court’s opinion, and it is as favorable to the video gaming terminal industry as it possibly could have been. Not only did the court reverse the appellate court’s finding that the single subject rule disallowed Public Act 96-34; the court also took the further step of rejecting all of the plaintiffs’ other arguments that weren’t addressed in the appellate opinion. So, rather than having the case sent back to the lower court, the Supreme Court made a final decision regarding all aspects of the case. The result is that this ruling is final and there is no realistic possibility of further litigation.

VGT is excited and encouraged by the court’s decision, and remains as committed as ever to providing its customers in Illinois with the highest quality video gaming terminals.

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