VGT Illinois


VGT’s Letter to Illinois

January 27, 2011

Dear Friends,

As you are likely aware, the Illinois Appellate Court issued a ruling yesterday stating that Public Act 96-34, which includes the Video Gaming Act, is void because it violates a provision of the Illinois Constitution.  We at VGT want to share with you our understanding of this development.  More importantly, we want to assure you that we intend to fight hard to restore the Video Gaming Act and to provide quality video gaming terminals to our customers in Illinois as soon as possible.

The appellate court based its ruling on a provision of the Illinois Constitution known as the “single subject rule,” which holds that legislative bills “shall be confined to one subject.”  This rule prevents lawmakers from enacting unpopular legislation by adding it to an otherwise popular bill.  Although the single subject rule has historically been interpreted very liberally, the appellate court concluded Public Act 96-34 violates the rule.

So what does this mean?  Is video gaming in Illinois dead?  The answer is no.  First and foremost, this ruling can be appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court, and we fully expect that the state will file an appeal as soon as possible.  There is good reason to believe the Illinois Supreme Court will reverse the appellate court’s decision, as there is substantial legal precedent to validate Public Act 96-34.  Further, even if the ruling stands, the Video Gaming Act may be reintroduced to the legislature as a stand-alone bill.  As you all know, vast resources have been spent on making video gaming a reality in Illinois and many people, including we here at VGT, have great incentive to prevent it from being abandoned.

We will of course be following this development closely, working with lobbyists and industry participants to reach a favorable outcome.  While the ruling is a setback to our cause, it is a setback that we are confident can and will be overcome.  We are committed to this cause and we know you are too.


Video Gaming Technologies, Inc.

James Starr, Senior Vice President, Sales

Frank Fortunato, Illinois Sales Manager